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Connect and its impact:

Launched in May 2010, the members of "Connect" have worked tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of our poor.

Since the monsoon rains that caused floods drowning one fifth of Pakistan, "Connect" has been working hard to support the displaced residents of the hardest hit areas in Sindh.

A "Flood Relief Committee" was set up, which was responsible for coordinating all relief efforts in these areas, to provide basic necessities; food, water, shelter, hygiene kits and kitchen utensils. As the acute phase passed, "Connect" started its work on:

1. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: 6 villages were adopted in Sujawal, Taluka Mirpur Bathoro and in collaboration with R.W.T work began with construction of houses in each village. All the houses in the adopted villages are now fully constructed.

2. Hand pumps: where ever there was a dearth of water hand pumps were installed .Each adopted village and many other neighboring villages boast of fresh water now. With the lack of clean drinking water, there is a high risk of cholera and other water related diseases spreading. To meet the need for potable water, Connect plans to install 100 hand pumps after feasibility studies and where there is an acute need.

3. Health: 'Connect'successfully organized 7 Medical camps in the Interior of Sindh in the last one year to diagnose and treat the various ailments suffered by the IDPs. To counter the outbreak of diseases, Connect Volunteers continue to work towards awareness programs and interactive training programs in small villages.

4. Education: The school which had only 7 children pre floods was totally destroyed. This was repaired with the collaboration of R.W.T and now boasts of new furniture, free books, bags and uniforms for the students but also new teachers for the 200 children who come from nearby villages too.

5. Income generation projects has been launched and skill development programs are underway.

6. Solar Energy: Recently 'Connect' has started its 'Solar light' project, whereby it is lighting up the villages with solar energy. Urs Mohammad Khaskeli village in Sujawal was lit up entirely on 2nd July 2011 and Connect has completed work in Mungo Jakhro village, Raano Khaskeli village, Aachar Solangi village, Umer Jakhro village and Siddique Khalsai village of UC Bachal Gagho in Mirpur bathoro completing six villages who have been given Solar energy. Work is in progress in "Luqman sodho village , Umb sodho village, and Babu Munajo village.

7. 'Safe drinking water for all' : Filtration plant has been installed in Mohammed Urs Khaskeli providing safe drinking water to 250 households in collaboration with ' Hisaar' foundation.

"Connect" not only wants to rebuild homes but it also wants to rebuild lives.

By giving our villages the gift of light, water, health and education we can transform the future of their children so that they live a life full of hope, not of despair!!


Two outstanding women were introduced to the audience. Jamila Khatoon who is one of the first mechanic of Pakistan and Dr.Sumera who studied from a govt school of

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Our Work

Medical camp at Thatta when it was devastated by Cyclone Phet 19th and 20th of June 2010: Thousands of patients came to get medical attention.The camp was a huge success.

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Flood Relief Efforts

Pakistan flooding death toll reaches 800, more rain to come Desperation outpaces aid for flood victims in Pakistan Flood relief teams struggle to reach remote areas of Pakistan.

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The degree of destruction caused by the floods necessitates a large scale relief activity. Connect is collecting funds in a number of ways, and we need all of you to participate.

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