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April 7th, 2012

After seeing the dedication and effort of President Talat Pasha and her team, the Rotarians held an event for 'Connect' in which Dr. Talat Pasha was invited to give a presentation on 'Connect and its projects'. This was much appreciated and the guests were very inspired by the work undertaken by the ladies of 'Connect'


Picnic at Manora

March 11th, 2012

The second event to join in the ' Women for women' campaign ' Join me on the Bridge ' was organized by 'Connect' and 'Soroptimist' members. The photographs were taken on the Kolachi pier and then members went on a boat to the Manora Island. The picnic was fun with walks to the famous Light house of Manora and to the beach. Members played Tambola and had a great time.


Join Me on the Bridge Campaign

March 8th 2012

International day for women was celebrated at 'Port Grand' where members of ' Connect' and 'Soroptimist International Karachi central' joined hands to stand for women's rights all over the world. After the photo session the members had a fun evening with dinner at the various stall of Port Grand.


Celebrated the 100 yrs of International Women's day

March 06th, 2011

The members of 'Connect' celebrated the 100 yrs of International Women's day by standing on the Netty Jetty Bridge on 6th March sunday 2011, along with members of SI KARACHI CENTRAL and young students and teachers of Chanesar goth schools. The young girls were then taken to have halwa puri at Boat basin. The young girls were told about the importance of this day and the rights of women. This was a global event and women all over the world participated in this program highlighted by women for women organization and Connect was a part of this global event.


Presentation of Projects

February, 2011

A presentation of Projects was organised in Feb 2011 to show case the work done by 'Connect' in Mirpur bathoro. The villages where reconstruction has started and the income generating projects were highlighted.


Connect Picnic

November 07th, 2010

The members of Connect went on an enjoyable trip to Gharo on 7th nov 2010 for a picnic. The members seen here relaxing and enjoying each others company.



October 29th, 2010

On the invitation of a group of ladies from Dubai the executive committee members of Connect traveled to Dubai to give a first hand account of the floods and the projects that the members of Connect had undertaken to relieve the hardships of the victims. 4 short films were shown to the ladies. The work of Connect was much appreciated and many ladies showed a keen interest to become members of Connect.


Website Launched

September 25th, 2010

The website of Connect was launched on the 25th of September. Mr. Nusrat Ali spoke on our role as human beings and the work that needs to be done for humanity.

Noor ul Huda Shah and Mrs. Shaheen Salahudin also joined the members in the celebration at Royal rodale. The projects done by the members of Connect were then explained by President Talat Pasha.Rotary Club of Defence was thanked for its collaboration and so were many other individuals and organisations who have donated for these projects.

Later the members and guests were served delicious Dinner.


Meeting at Carlton

August 07th, 2010

It was decided that 100 deserving girls will be given Rations. The girls will come with their mothers and receive the rations from the Connect team. The idea is to encourage the parents to allow their girls to continue their education. The flood relief activities were then discussed and it was decided that the projects would be started immediately and the first would be distribution of food at Shanti Nagar and Bhitaiabad.


Musical Event

July 2nd, 2010

This was a fundraiser and was attended by many celebrities like Shahzad Roy, Mehtab Rashdi and Sultana Siddiqui.
Beo Zafar put up a great show. Nusrat Ali, Kamran gulzar and Zuby Usman also performed beautifully.


Launch of Connect at Carlton Hotel

May 19th, 2010

About 60 women gathered to celebrate the launch of Connect.
Two outstanding women were introduced to the audience. Jamila Khatoon who is the first woman mechanic of Pakistan and Dr.Sumera who studied from a govt school of Sehwan and won four gold medals from Liaquat Medical college on her graduation.

Many ladies became members by filling the membership forms of connect. The future projects of Connect were discussed upon and it was decided that a medical camp should be set up with in the next month.



Two outstanding women were introduced to the audience. Jamila Khatoon who is one of the first mechanic of Pakistan and Dr.Sumera who studied from a govt school of

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Our Work

Medical camp at Thatta when it was devastated by Cyclone Phet 19th and 20th of June 2010: Thousands of patients came to get medical attention.The camp was a huge success.

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Flood Relief Efforts

Pakistan flooding death toll reaches 800, more rain to come Desperation outpaces aid for flood victims in Pakistan Flood relief teams struggle to reach remote areas of Pakistan.

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The degree of destruction caused by the floods necessitates a large scale relief activity. Connect is collecting funds in a number of ways, and we need all of you to participate.

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