Connect Flood Relief Efforts

Following the monsoon rains that have created havoc and have produced the worst floods Pakistan has ever seen, "Connect" has been working hard to support the displaced residents of the hardest hit areas in Sindh. A "Flood Relief Committee" has been set up, which is responsible for coordinating all relief efforts in these areas, to provide basic necessities; food, water, shelter, hygiene kits, utensils and medical aid.

More than 1,600 people have died and as many as 2 million have been forced to flee their homes, with 15-20 million affected.

Authorities expect the number of dead to be much higher, as data has been sparse with communication networks having been disrupted and roads and bridges having been washed away by floodwaters, making access impossible.

The 'Connect' team has been visiting camps all over Karachi, Gharo, Thatta and Hyderabad to assess the needs of each camp. It soon will be reaching out to IDP's in other parts of Sindh and will be reaching out to more and more people.

The Connect team has worked round the clock to provide clean water, food supplies, sanitary items, Hygiene kits, Powdered milk, dry clothes for women, men and children, gift hampers for new born babies and maternity kits for new mothers.

Kitchen utensils, lanterns, candles, matches, soaps, washing soaps, anti malaria medication, everything has been thought of and distributed.

It has organised a number of Medical camps in the Interior of Sindh to diagnose and treat the various ailments suffered by the IDPs.

100,000 satchets of Water purifying tablets have already been distributed amongst IDP's. Fridges have been donated where there is a need to store vaccines and anti snake venom. Connect is working continuously to overcome the acute and urgent needs of these displaced people.

In the second phase:Connect plans on helping rebuild houses for the affectees once the water has completely receded but until then, temporary shelter needs to be provided to protect the displaced from the harsh weather.Shelter will be provided in the form of tents and plastic sheets, which will be used as roofs at various camps. Funds are being collected for this ambitious project once the immediate need of the victims is met.

With the lack of clean drinking water, there is a high risk of cholera and other water related diseases spreading. To meet the need for potable water, Connect plans to install 100 hand pumps after feasibility studies and where there is an acute need.

To counter the outbreak of diseases, Connect Volunteers who have provided medical aid already to more than 3000 people with various ailments will be moving towards awareness programs and interactive training programs in small villages.

The gravity of the situation is much more than most can imagine, and Connectís current efforts are only the beginning. Connect has committed itself to the cause for the long term and Rehabilitation of the flood victims is being planned as a longterm goal. You too can contribute, to help the cause and make a difference

For more information on the flood relief efforts and your contributions contact: Talat Pasha at:
Cell #: +92333-33-75-383
Direct Line: +9221-35837625


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