Our Projects

Kitchen Gardening training given to 25 women from villages

25th March 2012

In collaboration with UBL and Hisaar, Connect gave kitchen gardening training to 25 women from various villages. Tools and seeds were provided to all of them to help them start growing vegetables. This way they will not only have food for their children but will also become financially independent. This project was much appreciated by women and more women showed interest and wanted to be included in the next session of this project. This is an on going project and Connect will continue to choose women and supply them with training, tools and seeds.


Installation of Filtration plant in collaboration with Hisaar foundation and UBL

25th March 2012

On March 25th 'Connect' was proud to provide a filtration plant to the villages of UC Bachal Ghago. It was through a joint effort by "Hisaar" and "Connect" that this dream became a reality.

The MOU was signed in the beginning of March and by the end of March work was completed and the Inauguration was performed jointly by President 'Connect' Dr. Talat Pasha and COO "Hisaar foundation" Ms Farzana Saleem. A colorful ceremony was organized in villagers paid tribute to the services of these organizations. Rotary Defence and Rotary Universal and travelled to these remote villages to be a part of the celebrations.


Work starts on Luqman sodho school

February 2012

The school at luqman sodho was visited to assess the damage to the school and the needs of the children. It was observed that the school has no toilet facility and the children do not have any playground. There was no furniture/books/ or schoolbags for children and the children ofcourse had no uniforms.

It was decided that before work is started on the solar panels the school will be repaired. Swings and slides to be put in Luqman sodho and Mohammad Urs Khaskeli school.


Three new villages in Mirpurbathoro for solar energy

Jan 2011

MOU was signed between ' Connect' and ' KEMCA'. They agreed to donate 100 solar lights for a hundred households and 'Connect' agreed to be the implementing partner. Dr. Anjum signed on behalf of KEMCA and Dr. Talat Pasha signed on behalf of 'Connect'.

Completion of Connect welfare centre: The centre was complete and the team went to have a look at it. The building was found to be satisfactory and it was a reason to celebrate. Connect had reached its second major goal. To provide a safe and secure place for women of the village to learn skills to generate income for their households.


Three new villages in Mirpurbathoro for solar energy

December 2011

Work started on 3 new villages in UC Bachal gagho. Before the solar systems could be installed it was imperative that the survey should be carried out. The households were counted and the school building was examined. The school was in shambles and the people of Luqman Sodho, Umb sodho and Babu Munajo were very poor. ' Connect' decided to start work on these villages too.


3 New Projects

November 2011

1. Adoption of a family: Soomal's daughter was killed by her husband for' honour'. He is married and has dumped his five children on Soomal who is about 75 yrs old and has to look after them. We have adopted this family and give them food supplies and some cash every month.
2. Construction of Connect welfare centre for skill development: The construction has started and work is progressing smoothly in Mohammad Urs Khaskeli.
3. Construction of Adult literacy centre: This will be in form of a Gazebo where the woman can be taught how to read and write in the evenings.


Medical camp at Mirpurkhas (Kachelo Station)

October 2-3rd 2012

'Connect' was informed about the condition of people at Mirpurkhas who were surrounded by water and were suffering from many health issues.'Connect' organized a medical camp for the people at Kachelo station Mirpurkhas and travelled there to set it up. Hundreds of people turned up to get medical advice. Food supplies were also distributed to these water logged people.


Displaced Thousands of People from Sindh and Thar

September 25, 2011

The floods of 2011 displaced thousands of people from Sindh and Thar. Many families took refuge in Jamshoro and Hyderabad. Volunteers and members of 'Connect' travelled to Hyderabad and Jamshoro for distribution of food supplies and clothes for the flood victims from Naunkot and umerkot.


Distribution at Sujawal and Tando baago Badin

July 30th and 31st 2011

As floods hit the whole of Sindh, Badin was one of the worst hit areas. Connect decided to immediatly provide relief supplies including food, utensils and clothes. This was done in an organized manner where each household was checked and the supplies released. Even during the journey to Badin it was raining but the members of Connect worked hard so that the supplies could reach the poor and needy.


Light up a village with Solar Energy

July 7th 2011

Connect after the reconstruction of houses, decided to light up the village with Solar energy. The village had never had electricity and women found it difficult to cook at night. Children found it difficult to go to the toilet after dark. Kerosene was used to light lamps which is expensive and dangerous. Connect changed all that. The solar panels were first installed in 10 houses to test if the villagers understand the mechanism. On 2nd july the whole village was lit up. A magical moment for the villagers and for the Connect team!!


Reconstruction of Houses Phase 2

April 2011 to July 2011

After a proper survey was carried out construction began with the collaboration of R.W.T. The women were encouraged to be a part of the construction process and help in building the houses. The connect team has carried out regular visits to see the progress of the Reconstruction.
Some houses are complete and some still underconstruction. The work is in progress simultaneously in the 6 villages.


Reconstruction of Houses Phase 1

January 2011 to April 2011

Construction of houses begins in the 6 adopted villages. The Connect team visits regularly to see the work and the progress of the reconstruction. The team visits every 15 days to see that the houses are being constructed simultaneously in the villages.


Income Generation Skills

March 20th, 2011

The women who had no source of Income or who were widows were identified and sewing machines were distributed to them. A small community hall has been set up where 4 sewing machines have been kept. Free cloth, embroidery threads, scissors and other tools have been provided. A women who knows stitching has been employed to teach women to cut and sew and those who know Ralli work etc are encouraged to continue this art form by giving them free cloth and threads.


Hand Pumps

February 20th, 2011

Areas which were in desperate need of water were identified and hand pumps are being installed. This project is in progress and will extend to other villages of Sujawal.
The Connect team has been visiting and monitoring the hand pumps.


Urs Mohd Khaskheli Goth, Medical Camp

December 05th, 2010

The members of Connect with a team of Doctors, lady doctors, para medics, health workers and vaccinators travelled to sujawal to organize a medical camp in sujawal's remote village Urs mohd khaskeli which had been destroyed by floods.
The women and children were given medicines, vaccinated and a lecture was given on safe motherhood and spacing between children.
9 Sewing machines were distributed among poor women to enable them to start their own livlihood.


Kot Alam Medical Camp

December 04th, 2010

Connect members went to the place where there had been maximum destruction because that is where the breach had actually occured and people's homes were destroyed and many lost their loved ones.
Medical aid was given to all and a promise was given to the people that connect will come back with food supplies and blankets etc.


Eid ul Azha

November 17th, 2010

Connect collaborates with Pak Army to distribute Qurbani meat to Flood victims. The President, Gen Secretary and a member travelled to Thatta on Eid morning to be with the flood victims and oversee the distribution which progressed in a very organised manner.


Distribution at sujawal

November 14th, 2010

Connect teams up with RWT to distribute food supplies, coolers, quilts and kitchen utensils and clothes to the people of the 6 earmarked villages of Sujawal. Here Rehab has begun and these villages have been adopted by Connect and RWT. The work of the school begins first where toilet and school building will be re constructed so that it becomes the base from which to start all our future work with these villages.


Distribution of UNFPA kits to the flood victims of Sujawal

November 14th, 2010

A team of Para medical staff distributed maternal, sanitary and baby kits to the flood victims. Pts were examined and medicines were issued on the spot. A short awareness program was also conduted to explain the dangers of early marriages, short interval between births, repeated Pregnancies etc. The villagers were very receptive and asked many questions.
Connect team promised them that there will be repeated awareness programs on women's health issues.


Gender based violence

October 01th, 2010

Gender based violence is very common in our society. Girls and women get easily beaten up for no fault of theirs. Even their genuine demands may be met with aggression and violence.
NZ is a young girl having suicidal thoughts because she wanted to continue her studies. Due to Poverty her father refused to give her the money to persue her dreams. On her insistance she got beaten up by her father.
Connect stepped in. Books have been bought and the examination fee has been sorted out. Her father has been told not to worry as Connect will bear the expenses of her education. Not only was she given medicine and psychological support but was encouraged to dream about her future. Connect is committed to stop Gender and Domestic violence and help in Female education.


Rehab 1st Project in 3 Villages at Sajawal

September 26th, 2010

Rehabilitation Program was launched on 26th of Sept 2010 by providing essential food items, kitchen utensils, lanterns, sandals, and clothes for men women and children and water purifying tablets. The needs of the villagers were assessed with a view to expand the Rehab project further. 3 villages were helped in the first phase of this program. The villages were: Goth Fateh Mohd Soomro, Goth Haji Allah Bachayo Bhatti and Goth Rais GahiKhan Shaikh. The need for safe drinking water was urgent.


Donation of a fridge to the Army Medical camp at Thatta

September 19th, 2010

On 19th of Sept the members of 'Connect' donated a fridge to the Army Medical camp in Thatta. The fridge was requested because it was needed to store anti snake venom etc. The members were happy to be of help and hoped that their contribution will help the Army doctors to overcome some of the difficulties faced in Flood relief camps.


Distribution for flood victims at Kutcha area of Thatta

September 19th, 2010

This was an exhausting but a very satisfying experience for the Connect team. Connect reached out where no N.G.O had been able to go. With the help of the Army Jawans, Connect successfully distributed food supplies , clothes, lanterns, mattresses, bedsheets to people who were in a very remote area. Medical aid and medicines were also provided to those who were ill. Barbers were arranged to cut the hair of children who lined up happily at this opportunity. Personal Hygiene kits and newborn kits were also provided to women and children. Water purifying tablets were distributed in thousands and the method explained to the IDP's in each tent or shelter place.


Medical Camp at Thatta

September 5th, 2010

Medical camp at three different sites in Thatta on 5th september 2010; This was done with the co ordination of the army who helped identify the areas which needed medical aid. Five female and six male doctors helped to see above 2000 pts at these sites. Hundreds of drips were given and many old men, women and children were given treatment.


Hygiene Kits to Flood Victims

September 2nd, 2010

Distribution of Hygiene kits to flood victims at 4 camps in Sachal goth on Thursday 2nd of Sept 2010. The kits contained a pack of Sanitay napkins, tooth brush, tooth paste, anti lice shampoo sachets, facial soap, washing soap, comb, a change of clothes, 1/2 kg milk and a packet of rusks.


Distribution of food packages for flood victims

August 29th, 2010

Distribution at Shanti Nagar, Bhitai abad, super highway and Cantt Railway station on Sunday 29th August This project was in collaboration with Rotary Defence. 410 cartons full of food supplies were distributed amongst flood victims at the above mentioned sites. Powdered milk was also given separately and biscuits were distributed amongst children. Women were given mattresses, bedsheets, clothes, sandals, cooking utensils, water coolers etc etc. A very successful project which will be continued at other camps too.


Rehri /Jumma Goth Ramazan

August 22nd, 2010

Distribution of food packages to 100 female students and their mothers in the premises of Jumma goth schools on Sunday 22nd of August. The idea is to encourage female education. The girls and their mothers were thrilled to get this generous supply of daily food items and shared their thoughts with the team of connect. Later, the staff of Jumma Goth shared their problems with the team and asked them to help the school overcome these problems. The connect team promised to help and support them.


Medical Camp at Thatta

June 20th, 2010

Medical camp at Thatta when it was devastated by Cyclone Phet 19th and 20th of June 2010: Thousands of patients came to get medical attention.The camp was a huge success. Many Pharmaceutical companies donated medicines such as Glaxo smith and Kline, Lisko, Herbion, Nexus, Abbott, ICI etc.





Two outstanding women were introduced to the audience. Jamila Khatoon who is one of the first mechanic of Pakistan and Dr.Sumera who studied from a govt school of

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Our Work

Medical camp at Thatta when it was devastated by Cyclone Phet 19th and 20th of June 2010: Thousands of patients came to get medical attention.The camp was a huge success.

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Flood Relief Efforts

Pakistan flooding death toll reaches 800, more rain to come Desperation outpaces aid for flood victims in Pakistan Flood relief teams struggle to reach remote areas of Pakistan.

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The degree of destruction caused by the floods necessitates a large scale relief activity. Connect is collecting funds in a number of ways, and we need all of you to participate.

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